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Dydaktyka GEIST

Informacje o przedmiotach prowadzonych przez członków zespołu GEIST.


- a.k.a. GEISTa Reguły Interakcji ze Studentami: here

Informatyka Stosowana

Studia 1. stopnia

1. Semestr

2. Semestr

3. Semestr

  • Programowanie obiektowe

4. Semestr

5. Semestr

6. Semestr

7. Semestr

Studia 2. stopnia

1. Semestr

2. Semestr

3. Semestr

Automatyka i Robotyka

Studia 1. stopnia

7. semestr

  • Bazy Danych

Studia 2. stopnia

1. semestr

  • Metody Inżynierii Wiedzy

2. semestr

  • Języki Sztucznej Inteligencji
  • Laboratorium specjalizacyjne

3. semestr

  • Seminarium problemowe

Teaching materials

AI wiki

AIwiki logo AI wiki is a system used for coordinating the didactic activities. These include the teaching instructions, as well as student projects, including Bachelor and Master projects (theses).

GEIST members have developed some teaching materials. They mainly deal with Logic Programming in Prolog (including a full-featured Prolog examples library), LEGO Minstorms NXT, Semantic Web and other topics related to knowledge engineering.

Other subjects taught by GEIST include: Algorithms and Data Structures, Databases, Databases II and Operating Systems.

The courses are taught in Polish, so most of the instructions are in Polish only. However, some course materials are bilingual and other have only an English version.

Personal wikis

One can find other teaching materials on the GEIST members' personal wikis:

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