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Group for Engineering of Intelligent Systems and Technologies

Welcome to GEIST Research Group Webpage! GEIST logo

GEIST is a research group that includes number of senior and postdocoral researchers as well as PhD and master students. The work of the group is coordinated by Grzegorz J. Nalepa. GEIST researchers mostly work at the Jagiellonian University ( as well as the AGH University of Science and Technology ( in Kraków, Poland.

The group is active in the general area of intelligent systems. We work in Explainable AI (XAI), Knowledge and Software Engineering (KE/SE), Business Intelligence (BI), Ambient Intelligence (AmI), and Affective Computing (AfC), (see the group's research profile).

GEIST has been involved in number of projects. For more information see recent activity, publications and software.

The group teaches a number of courses. We also coordinated a novel master's track EIS (Engineering of Intelligent Systems).

Feel welcome to contact us!

GEIST news

  • 10 December 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Timos Kipouros. We kindly invite you to the next seminar in the AIRA series. Timos Kipouros, a Senior Research Associate at the University of Cambridge will summarise some of the research threads being developed in the Engineering Design Centre at the University of Cambridge. His talk entitled Visual Analytics for Aerospace and Healthcare Systems Design will start on Thursday (16.12.2021) at 15:30!
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).

  • 3 December 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Bartosz Soból. We kindly invite you to the next seminar in the AIRA series. Bartosz Soból, a PhD Candidate at Jagiellonian University will present his research interests in a talk entitled Recent developments of machine learning in experimental particle physics. We start on Thursday (09.12.2021) at 15:30!
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).

  • 26 November 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Grzegorz J. Nalepa. We kindly invite you to the next seminar in the AIRA series. Professor Grzegorz J. Nalepa will summarise our research done in the area of Industry 4.0 in a talk entitled Artificial Intelligence in Industry 4.0: Data, Models, and Knowledge. We start on Thursday (02.12.2021) at 15:30!
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).

  • 19 November 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Marcin Tutajewski. We kindly invite you to the next seminar in the AIRA series. Marcin Tutajewski, a PhD Candidate at Jagiellonian University will present his research related to fMRI data analysis in a talk entitled Classification of ROI-based fMRI data in short-term memory tasks using discriminant analysis and neural networks. We start on Thursday (25.11.2021) at 15:30!
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).

  • 15 November 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Krzysztof Kutt: AI with psychology – a few words on affective adaptation and personalisation of intelligent systems. The next seminar in the AIRA series will be devoted to the use of psychological methodology (in particular emotion research) in the development of intelligent systems. Krzysztof Kutt will highlight the key findings of research conducted in this area by the AfCAI team. As always, we start on Thursday (18.11.2021) at 15:30. You are welcome!
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).

  • 1 November 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Andrzej Grabowski: Telepresence and simulators – modern use of Virtual Reality in robotics and training with possible application of AI. We invite you to the third seminar in the AIRA series. Andrzej Grabowski, head of Virtual Reality Laboratory in Department of Safety Engineering of Central Institute for Labour Protection – National Research Institute, will show three different VR applications and discuss the possibilities of improving training simulations by using AI to modify the course of the training scenario in real-time. We start on 4 November at 15:30.
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).

  • 25 October 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Marcin Woźniak: Smart environment – AI meets IoT. The second seminar in the AIRA series will begin this Thursday (28.10.2021) at 15:30. Marcin Woźniak, PhD, a Professor at Silesian University of Technology, will talk about IoT and AI-based solutions for smart enrivonments. He will show and discuss latest advances and ideas in model of data processing and automatic control of processes and devices used in these environments.
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).

  • 18 October 2021 - [AIRA seminar] Bartłomiej Małkus: Financial modeling with applications of machine learning and explainable AI. We invite you to the first seminar in the AIRA series. Bartłomiej Małkus, a PhD candidate at the Jagiellonian University in Technical Computer Science, will talk about financial modelling, including financial instruments pricing, risk modeling and financial data sources that may be used for research purposes. We start on 21 October at 15:30.
    See for more details (meeting link, abstract, biogram, full schedule).
  • 10 October 2021 - AIRA seminar! GEIST is happy to announce, that we are launching an open, online seminar on Artificial Intelligence in Research and Applications (AIRA). It will be a weakly event with various guests from many different AI-related research fields as well as industry and business areas. Please save your Thursdays between 3:30-5:00 PM Warsaw Time. The program will be published at
  • 24 June 2021 - Paper in the Sensors: 20th Anniversary special issue! We have published one more paper in MDPI Sensors (IF 3.576)! We encourage you to read our review on Semantic Data Mining in Ubiquitous Sensing – available in open access under DOI: 10.3390/s21134322.

  • 30 April 2021 - Special Session on XPdM 2021. We would like to invite you to submit articles for the special session on Data-Driven Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0 (XPdM 2021) to be held on October 6-9, 2021, Porto-Portugal (Online), co-located with IEEE DSAA 2021. It is co-organised by Grzegorz J. Nalepa and linked to our XPM project (eXplainable Predictive Maintenance; CHIST-ERA-19-XAI-012). Call for papers and more information are provided at:

  • 17 April 2021 - Summer School on Data-Driven Predictive Maintenance for Industry 4.0. A summer school sponsored by the international XPM project (eXplainable Predictive Maintenance; CHIST-ERA-19-XAI-012), in which the Polish team is led by Grzegorz J. Nalepa, will be held online on October 3-5, 2021. You are cordially invited! The Summer School is for students, researchers, and practitioners who want to learn how to implement predictive maintenance to solve real industrial problems using machine learning approaches. More information at:
  • 30 December 2020 - Two papers in MDPI's journals! Recently, we have published papers on the ongoing research in the PACMEL project and the BIRAFFE study. The former can be seen in MDPI Energies (10.3390/en13246630; IF 2.702) and the latter in MDPI Sensors (10.3390/s21010163; IF 3.275). We hope you will enjoy them! And don't hesitate to ask if you have questions!

  • 1 December 2020 - Another success in the CHIST-ERA Call! The previous project is still ongoing (PACMEL, CHIST-ERA Call 2017), but Grzegorz J. Nalepa get another grant! XPM: eXplainable Predictive Maintenance is among awarded projects in CHIST-ERA Call 2019. The project involves researchers from Poland, France, Portugal and Sweden. See the NCN announcement.
  • 28 August 2020 - Our three papers will be presented during workshops @ECAI 2020! Let's talk about Framework for Affective Games' Experiments @MRC and our BIRAFFE2 dataset @HAII. We will also present some recent results from PACMEL grant during KR4L. ECAI conference is fully online this year, so it is easier to join many fascinating events - let's meet there together!
  • 24 September 2019 - BIRAFFE dataset (Bio-Reactions and Faces for Emotion-based Personalization) with ECG and GSR signals, facial expressions, personality traits and more, collected by us in the spring 2019, is now available under the CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 licence at Zenodo! :-)

  • 3 June 2019 - A guest from Cambridge! This week Sławomir Tadeja, a guest from University of Cambridge, is visiting us. We will work hard together on our common research topics. He will also give a speech on Immersive Visual Analytics at a seminar at AGH-UST – we invite you on Wednesday 9:35 to room C2 429!
  • 18 May 2019 - Finish of the spring experiment! Yesterday, we finished current session of affective experiments. More than 200 people took part in the 1.5h study with pictures, sounds, games, paper and gamepad. Thank you all for your help! Now we will look closely at the data. We promise to create great articles describing our results. Stay tuned!
  • 26 March 2019 - Affective experiment in GEIST! We are starting the big affective experiment to further develop our ideas on wearable devices, affective computing and affective games. If you are interested in helping us as a participant, take a look at (in polish).

  • 21 September 2018 - Dedicated AfCAI page! A dedicated page on our Affective Computing-related research is now available at You can find there: description of our research network, list of AfCAI-related publications, outline of affective software and the history of AfCAI Workshops. Visit us at!

  • 15 July 2018 - Award on HAI 2018! "AIded with emotions" by Barbara Giżycka, Grzegorz J. Nalepa & Paweł Jemioło, our paper on the design of games with affective loop, was presented as demo at HAI and received The Popular Choice Award for the most downloaded paper of the workshop!
  • 27 June 2018 - Krzysztof Kutt, PhD! The fourth doctorate in GEIST! Today, the prestigious group joined Krzysztof Kutt – congratulations and wish you further success!

  • 10 May 2018 - The next GEIST PhD in progress! Krzysztof Kutt has not yet defended his doctoral dissertation, but he already presented the results as a guest at the “Collective Intelligence in Information Systems” seminar in Wroclaw. Photos and slides are available at the seminar webpage.
  • 18 April 2018 - The AfCAI 2018 Workshop! The second workshop on AfCAI starts tommorow at Universitat Politècnica de València, Spain. Let's talk about affective computing together!

  • 23 November 2017 - Seminarium RnD: Parallel Cooperative Hybrid Metaheuristics: some results and trendsr! Kolejne „Seminarium badawczo-rozwojowe” już w czwartek 23.11.2017 o godz. 09:30 w sali 224 C2. Prof. Salvador Abreu z University of Évora opowie o metaheurystykach wykorzustyjących zrównoleglanie solverów bazujących na standardowych heurystykach. Więcej informacji o temacie seminarium oraz sylwetka prelegenta znajdują się na stronie WWW seminarium. Zapraszamy!
  • 1 October 2017 - Fresh blood in GEIST! The team has grown up with new people – two trainees: Paweł Jemioło & Piotr Misiak and one PhD candidate: Barbara Giżycka are now with us. With new strength and enthusiasm we can develop our projects in the new academic year :-)

  • 10 September 2017 - Rules & SKE lectures at DECLARE'17! Next week the DECLARE'17 Summer School begins. One of the lecturers will be Grzegorz J. Nalepa. He will talk about Semantic Knowledge Engineering (SKE), Rules and Context–Aware Systems. This will be supplemented by practical laboratories where participants will use many cool tools to create their own simple systems.
  • 16 June 2017 - 8 GEIST papers at ICAISC 2017! GEIST is back from an exhaustive ICAISC 2017 conference in Zakopane. We have presented 8 papers there. Particular congratulations to the leaders of the work: Antoni Ligęza (co-author of 5 of them) and Szymon Bobek (co-created 3 of them)!

  • 21 March 2017 - RnD Seminar! Tommorow, Prof. María-Trinidad Herrero Ezquerro, our guest from University of Murcia, Spain will give a lecture about Measuring emotions and the influence of smell and taste. We will start at 14:00, C2-429. Join us!

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