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WS proposal

ECAI remarks

Below are ECAI remarks:

----------------------- REVIEW 1 ---------------------
TITLE: KESE2012 Workshop Proposal for the ECAI 2012 Conference
AUTHORS: Grzegorz J. Nalepa, Joaquín Cañadas and Joachim Baumeister

It is a very good idea to have a workshop on knowledge engineering and software engineering at ECAI. 
This workshop is reliable: it is the 8th or a series of workshops, most of which took place at KI conferences; 
as ECAI is a larger conference than ECAI, there should be even more submissions than usual. 

A potential problem is the competition with another workshop proposal, the "Joint workshops on Intelligent Methods for Software System Engineering" (Ioannis Stamelos, Stamatia Bibi and Alessandro Moschitti). 
There is some topic overlap between both workshop proposals. 
The programme committee overlap a little bit as well (especially, one of the organizers of KESE is also on the PC of JIMSE): 
while this is not a problem per se, this is a sign that the workshop are close enough to each other. 
Therefore, we would like the organizers of both workshops to interact and see if this would not be a good idea to merge them (you may Cc the ECAI workshop chairs in your email exchanges).

----------------------- REVIEW 2 ---------------------
TITLE: KESE2012 Workshop Proposal for the ECAI 2012 Conference
AUTHORS: Grzegorz J. Nalepa, Joaquín Cañadas and Joachim Baumeister

The workshop proposal is interested in declarative systems and knowledge engineering.
The topic is at the core of AI and the proposal is quite good. 
There is quite some overlap with another workshop proposal (Ioannis Stamelos, Stamatia Bibi and Alessandro Moschitti. 
JIMSE: Joint workshops on Intelligent Methods for Software System Engineering) as both workshops share interests about (ultimately) software production. There are differences too.

You might want to discuss with the other organizers to see how to enforce the links between both workshops, or quite the contrary decide to put the stress on the different issues that are addressed
(perhaps by changing the title ?).

A reply ECAI remarks

Dear ECAI Workshops Chairs and Reviewers,

Thank you very much for the acceptance of the KESE workshop for ECAI 2012!

The address of the KESE website is
The updates CfP (see below) is available on the website.

Workshop paper submission deadline is 28 May 2012 - as suggested.

We are grateful to the Reviewers for their valuable remarks, which we briefly address below.

We are well aware of the potentially "competing" JIMSE submission.
We have been working together with prof. I. Stamelos in the KESE PC for 2 years.
In fact, before the KESE submission to ECAI , we tried hard to workout a common joint proposal with him and ISEW.

However, it turned out to be feasible due to the following reasons:
1. the priority for ISEW was to integrate the proposal with the Trustworthy Eternal Systems via Evolving Software, Data and Knowledge (EternalS) community.
2. this largely extended the expected topics of the workshop with the topics of Networked Systems and Secure Systems.
3. the resulting scope, including all possible AI-related methods (knowledge engineering from KESE and computational intelligence from ISEW), with Networked Systems and Secure Systems seemed to be unreasonably wide.
4. there was also a strong assumption on the JIMSE side that we aim for 1 day workshop.
4. therefore, the resulting "workshop" would be loosely defined, making it a risky endeavor much closer to a miniconf, discouraged by ECAI and unwanted by us (KESE).

Therefore, we - KESE - decided to clearly emphasize the focus of KESE (in fact as it always has been so far) on "methods of Knowledge Engineering rooted in the symbolic logic-based representations and their novel applications in Software Engineering. Moreover, a synergistic use and development of these KE methods together with recent formalized and declarative SE methods, including Model Driven Architecture and Development, ontological modelling as well as Business Process modelling is emphasized. Finally, the studies of the impact of these SE methods on the classic KE development processes are welcomed."

We updated our proposal as well as the CfP accordingly.
We believe it is enough to make KESE focus clear wrt JIMSE and not competing

With best regards,
KESE Chairs
G. J. Nalepa
J. Canadas
J. Baumeister


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