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[2015, kluza2015hades-demimop | url] (BIB)
Kluza, K., Kaczor, K., & Nalepa, G. J. (2015). Integration of Business Processes with Visual Decision Modeling. Presentation of the HaDEs Toolchain. In F. Fournier & J. Mendling (Eds.), (Vol. 202, pp. 504-515). Springer International Publishing.
[2015, kluza2015ard2bpmn] (BIB)
Kluza, K., & Nalepa, G. J. (2015). Generation of Hierarchical Business Process Models from Attribute Relationship Diagrams. (pp. 57-76). Springer.
[2014, kluza2013ard2bpmn-demimop] (BIB)
Kluza, K., & Nalepa, G. J. (2014). Automatic Generation of Business Process Models based on Attribute Relationship Diagrams. In N. Lohmann, M. Song & P. Wohed (Eds.), (Vol. 171, pp. 185-197). Springer International Publishing.
[2013, kluza2013ard2bpmn-fedcsis] (BIB)
Kluza, K., & Nalepa, G. J. (2013). Towards Rule-oriented Business Process Model Generation. Paper presented at the Proceedings of the Federated Conference on Computer Science and Information Systems -- FedCSIS 2013, Krakow, Poland, 8-11 September 2013.
[2013, gjn2013icaisc-jbpmheart | url] (BIB)
Nalepa, G. J., Kluza, K., & Kaczor, K. (2013). Proposal of an Inference Engine Architecture for Business Rules and Processes. Paper presented at the Artificial Intelligence and Soft Computing: 12th International Conference, ICAISC 2013: Zakopane, Poland, June 9--13, 2013.

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