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We have been constantly developing new ideas through international cooperation, including series of research workshops. Important endeavors are introduced below.


It is a workshop dedicated to the topics of explainability in AI nd its applications in Law. First edition of XAIA is organized at Jurix 2018. See more information on the dedicated XAILA page.


The objective of the workshop is to discuss novel intelligent data analysis methods suitable for the analysis and interpretation of industrial event logs. The first edition is held on the IDEAL 2018 conference. See the Call for Papers of MIEL2018


AfCAI is a new interdisciplinary team created by the members of GEIST to tackle the topic of Affective Computing The group name stands for Affective Computing Context Awareness and Ambient Intelligence as it identifies our most general research topics. We also organized two editions of the AfCAI workshop in 2016 and 2018. See more information on the dedicated AfCAI page.


KESE stands for Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering and was an annual workshop series for exchanging latest research results as well as knowledge about practical experience. KESE was organized in the years 2005-2014. See more information on the dedicated KESE page.

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