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 Adrian Paschke, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany\\ Adrian Paschke, Freie Universität Berlin, Germany\\
 Monica Palmirani, Università di Bologna, Italy\\ Monica Palmirani, Università di Bologna, Italy\\
 +Juan Pavón Universidad Complutense de Madrid, Spain\\
 Radim Polčák, Masaryk University, Czech Republic\\ Radim Polčák, Masaryk University, Czech Republic\\
 Marie Postma, Tilburg University, The Netherlands\\ Marie Postma, Tilburg University, The Netherlands\\
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 ==== Important dates ==== ==== Important dates ====
-Submission: 14.11.2019\\ +Submission: 25.11.2019\\ 
-Notification: ​ 24.11.2019\\ +Notification: ​ 01.12.2019\\ 
-Corrected papers: 30.12.2019\\+Corrected papers: 06.12.2019\\
 Workshop: ​ 11.12.2019\\ Workshop: ​ 11.12.2019\\
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