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We are GEIST. We dream big and work hard.

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-~~NOCACHE~~ +~~NOTOC~~ 
 +{{page> pub:navigation}} 
 +====== Group for Engineering of Intelligent Systems and Technologies ====== 
 +{{ :pub:img_20211022_105101998_hdr-3024x2268.jpg?500&lightbox|}} 
 +**Welcome to GEIST Research Group Webpage!** 
 +[[:start|{{:pub:home:geist-simple1-trans.png?150 |GEIST logo}}]]
-{{section>pub:home:news#events}} +GEIST is a research group that includes [[|number of senior and postdocoral researchers]] as well as PhD and master students. 
-{{section>pub:home:news#conferences&noheader}}+The work of the group is coordinated by [[pub:about_us:gjn|Grzegorz J. Nalepa]]. 
 +GEIST researchers mostly work at the [[|Jagiellonian University (]] as well as the [[|AGH University of Science and Technology (]] in Kraków, Poland.  
 +The group is active in the general area of intelligent systems. 
 +We work in Explainable AI (XAI), Knowledge and Software Engineering (KE/SE), Business Intelligence (BI), Ambient Intelligence (AmI), and Affective Computing (AfC), (see the group's **[[pub:research:|research profile]]**). 
 +GEIST has been involved in number of [[pub:projects:|projects]]. 
 +For more information see **[[pub:news|recent activity]]**,  **[[pub:publications:|publications]]** and **[[pub:software:|software]]**. 
 +The group teaches a number of [[pub:teaching:courses:|courses]]. 
 +We also coordinated a novel master's track **[[pub:teaching:eis:|EIS (Engineering of Intelligent Systems)]]**.  
 +Feel welcome to [[pub:contact]] us! 
 +{{section> pub:news#geist news}}
-{{section>pub:home:news#recent_conference_activity}}+===== Archive ===== 
 +  * [[pub:archive|Read more...]]
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