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 Loki (short for **Logic in Wiki**) is a semantic wiki implementation based on strong logical representation. Loki (short for **Logic in Wiki**) is a semantic wiki implementation based on strong logical representation.
-See the project website the "Loki Family" there are also other projects: 
 +  * **BPwiki** -- wiki for Business Processes in simpleBPMN notation 
 +  * **SBVRwiki** -- wiki for authoring rules in SBVR 
 +  * **BiFröST** (previously known as PROV plugin) -- framework for Collaborative Knowledge Engineering within Lokiautomatic reasoning unit tests, metrics, changelog in the form of a graph...
-===== Description ===== +See the project website for documentationdownloadpapers and more!
-The main apparent limitation of existing semantic wikis is the lack of expressive knowledge representation mechanism. Building a knowledge base with a semantic wiki becomes complicated because of its collective nature, where number of users collaborate in the knowledge engineering process. A need for knowledge evaluation and analysis facilities become clear. +
-{{ :pub:software:loki-website1.png|}} +
-The most important concept of Loki is to provide a strong knowledge representation and reasoning with Horn clauses-based representation. The idea is to use Prolog clauses on the lower level to represent facts and relations, as well as define rules on top of them. On the other hand a higher-level Semantic Web layer using RDF support is provided. This allows for compatibility with Semantic Media Wiki while offering improved representation and reasoning capabilities. Another important idea is provide an extension to already available flexible wiki solution (DokuWiki) instead of modifying existing wiki engine. Using the presented architecture it is possible to analyze rule-based knowledge stored in the wiki. +
- +
-Loki 1.0 is based on the prototype versions of the systemcalled PlWiki. The system covers the functionality of PlWiki 1.0 by Michał Kotra, and PlWiki 2.0 by Mirosława Ozgowicz. +
- +
-===== Releases ===== +
-  * April 14, 2011: The official Loki 1.0 release is now available for [[|download]]This version is largely based on the prototype PlWiki 1.0 and PlWiki 2.0 systems.+
 ===== Comments ===== ===== Comments =====
-You can test the demo of the system [[|here]]. +You can test the demo of the system [[|here]].
- +
-Students involved in Loki development work [[|here]].+
-{{tag>software semantic_wiki Semantic_Web wtf rules gjn intelligent_systems}}+{{tag>software semantic_wiki Semantic_Web rules intelligent_systems}}
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