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 See the [[|HQed]] website. See the [[|HQed]] website.
-Concept, requirements, extensions, supervision: [[pub:about_us:people:gjn|Grzegorz J. Nalepa]]+Concept, requirements, extensions, supervision: [[pub:about_us:gjn|Grzegorz J. Nalepa]]
-Design and implementation: [[pub:about_us:people:kkr|Krzysztof Kaczor]]+Design and implementation: [[pub:about_us:kkr|Krzysztof Kaczor]]
 ===== Releases ===== ===== Releases =====
-See the [[|HQed]] website.+See the [[|HQed]] website.
 ===== Comments ===== ===== Comments =====
-Support: [[pub:about_us:people:kkr|Krzysztof Kaczor]]+Support: [[pub:about_us:kkr|Krzysztof Kaczor]]
 {{tag>intelligent_systems hekate rules visual design editor software xtt kr}} {{tag>intelligent_systems hekate rules visual design editor software xtt kr}}
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