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Framework for translations between various KR formats.


HaThoR is an XML-based framework for knowledge translation from/to the HeKatE Markup Language (DTD versioned in the HaThoR CVS repo) to other formats, mainly:

  • RDF, OWL → attributes,
  • RIF, SWRL (OWL) → rules,
  • XMI → rules with tables,
  • GraphViz → ard/xtt (for presentation).

HaThoR 1.0 has been developed by Justyna Szostek Janik, supervised by Grzegorz J. Nalepa. HaThoR 2.0, including UML translations has been developed by Weronika T. Adrian and Krzysztof Kluza.

For more information see the HaThoR website.



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