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 || Here we write "by hand" our non-conference-related news || Here we write "by hand" our non-conference-related news
 +<WRAP center round >
 +  * **28 August 2020 - <color green:>​Our three papers will be presented during workshops @ECAI 2020!</​color>​** Let's talk about Framework for Affective Games' Experiments [[http://​​|@MRC]] and our [[https://​​pub:​biraffe|BIRAFFE2]] dataset [[https://​​view/​human-ai-interaction-ecai2020/​home|@HAII]]. We will also present some recent results from [[pub:​projects:​pacmel:​start|PACMEL grant]] during [[https://​​KR4L/​|KR4L]]. [[https://​​|ECAI conference is fully online this year]], so it is easier to join many fascinating events - let's meet there together!
 +<WRAP clear></​WRAP>​
 <WRAP center round > <WRAP center round >
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