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 +====== Przemysław Stanisz ======
 +{{:pub:about_us:pstanisz.jpg?200&direct |Przemysław Stanisz}}
 +Przemysław Stanisz received his MSc degree (2009) in Energy at AGH UST. \\
 +He continue his interest in mathematical modeling of nuclear reactors (Monte Carlo methods) at AGH. He defended his dissertation in 2016. He have worked as Research and Teaching Assistant for 5 years. He participate in EU LEADER project ([[]]). He took annual internship at JRC's Institute for Energy and Transport of the European Commission.
 +Finally, he decided to look for new challenges in commercial business. He finished postgraduate studies in Financial Mathematics (2018). Now he is working for ArcelorMittal Poland as a software developer, building software for mathematical modeling and simulation in the field of Optimization Models, Machine Learning and Decision Making in order to improve the production process.
 +====== More GEIST ======
 +-> Meet the [[start|whole team]].
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