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Prof. Marcin Szpyrka

M. Szpyrka

Marcin Szpyrka, DSc (, www) holds a position of associate professor in AGH UST in Krakow, Poland, Department of Automatics. Since 1997 he has been actively involved in number of research projects, including Regulus, Adder, and recently INDECT and Alvis. He was coordinator of the Adder project and currently is leader of Alvis.

Marcin Szpyrka has a MSc in Mathematics and PhD and DSc (habilitation) in Computer Science. He is the author of over 60 publications, from the domains of formal methods, software engineering and knowledge engineering. His fields of interest also include theory of concurrency and functional programming. Among other things, he is author of 3 books on Petri nets (the last published in 2008). He worked out the idea of RTCP-nets (real time coloured Petri nets) for modelling real-time embedded systems.

He is involved in several conferences and workshops, including CEE-SET, CMS and IWBI. He has been lecturing computer science and mathematics courses in number of polish universities. He also took part in a number of curricula preparations, including graduate and postgraduate studies, for several universities.


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