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-====== Dr. Grzegorz J. Nalepa ======+====== Prof. Grzegorz J. Nalepa ======
-{{:pub:about_us:gjn2010small.jpg |Dr. G. J. Nalepa}}+{{:pub:about_us:gjn2016white-medium.jpg?150 |Prof G. J. Nalepa}}
-**Grzegorz J. Nalepa, PhD** (<>, [[]]) holds a position of assistant professor in AGH Univeristy of Science and Technology in Krakow, Poland. +**Grzegorz J. Nalepa** (<>, [[]]) 
 +is an engineer with degrees in computer science - artificial intelligence, and philosophy. 
 +He has been working in the area of intelligent systems and knowledge engineering for over 15 years. 
 +He formulated the eXtended Tabular Trees rule representation method, as well as the Semantic Knowledge Engineering approach. 
 +He authored a book "Modeling with Rules using Semantic Knowledge Engineering" (Springer 2018). 
 +He co-edited a book "Synergies Between Knowledge Engineering and Software Engineering" (Springer 2018). 
 +He co-authored over 150 research papers in international conferences and journals. 
 +He coordinates GEIST - Group for Engineering of Intelligent Systems and Technologies (, 
 +and cooperates with AGH University and Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland
 +He is a member of Polish Artificial Intelligence Society (PSSI), IEEE, Italian Artificial Intelligence Society (AI*IA) and KES. 
 +His recent interests include context-aware systems, affective computing and explainable AI. 
 +Recently he organised two editions of the AfCAI workhop on affective computing in Murcia (2016) and Valencia (2018), 
 +and the first edition of the XAILA workshop on explainable AI on the JURIX conference.
-He has been an active researcher since 1999. +For a full scientific resume see [[]].
-His work is focused on design methods for intelligent systems, as well as knowledge representation and reasoning techniques.  +
-He formulated a new design approach for intelligent rule-based systems called XTT (eXtended Tabular Trees), as well as the Semantic Knowledge Engineering design and analysis methodology for knowledge-based systems.  +
-He authored and co-authored over 150 publications ([[ +
-|see here]]) from the domains of rules and knowledge engineering, intelligent systems, semantic web, business intelligence and software engineering. His fields of interest also include computer security and operating systems.  +
- +
-Moreover he is interested in cognitive aspects of knowledge representation and reasoning in intelligent systems within the scope of cognitive science.  +
- +
-He gave invited lectures in the University of Almeria, Spain in 2011 and 2012. +
-He presented an invited tutorial on FedCSIS 2012 entitled [[| Semantic Knowledge Engineering for Business Intelligence: concepts and tools]]. +
- +
-In 2009 along with professor Antoni Ligęza he created the [[|GEIST]] research team, which he has been leading since then. +
-He has been actively involved in number of research projects, including Regulus, Mirella, Adder, HeKatE and recently INDECT, BIMLOQ, Parnas and Prosecco.  +
-He coordinated several projects including HeKatE, BIMLOQ, Parnas and Prosecco.  +
- +
-From 2012 his work is focused on two main application areas: business intelligence, including business rules and process modeling and analysis, and ambient intelligence including context aware applications for mobile devices.  +
- +
-He has been involved in over 30 international conferences and workshops.  +
-Since 2008 he co-organizes the Knowledge and Software Engineering Workshop (KESE) at KI, the German AI conference, and more recently on the Spanish CAEPIA, as well as ECAI 2012.  +
-He is the President of the Polish Artificial Intelligence Society (PSSI [[]]), member of ECAI.  +
-Dr Nalepa holds PhD and Dsc (habilitation) from the AGH UST. +
- +
-He has been lecturing computer science courses in number of polish universities.  +
-He has been working with commercial companies preparing professional trainings in computer security and operating systems.  +
-He also took part in a number of curricula preparations, including graduate and postgraduate studies, for several universities. +
-From 2011 he has been a coordinator for several Erasmus exchange agreements. +
- +
-He is an active user and supporter of free software and open source software. +
- +
-For a full scientific resume see [[]].+
 ====== More GEIST ====== ====== More GEIST ======
 -> Meet the [[pub:about_us:start|whole team]]. -> Meet the [[pub:about_us:start|whole team]].
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